organic (de)composition

Organic (de)Composition, 2015
Photographic prints

Can we create meaning while simultaneously taking it apart? An exploration of both figurative and literal deconstruction through a Derridean and Marxist theoretical framework informs this investigation of the commodity and its value. Marx argues that it is only upon consumption that a commodity produces utility to its fullest extent, but what happens when we outgrow our favourite childhood toys and their utility? Can we create or fix any arbitrary new meaning?

Organic (de)Composition is an intentionally morbid commentary on how we can create, manipulate and confuse exchange-value. Going beyond rational connections, this project attempts to deconstruct the commodity in order to construct the meaning of the thing. Properly butchered, packaged, coded, and priced, the original commodity becomes a product of resale in its most utilitarian form.

The photo series is built around a narrative of “freshness” and “organic” whole food which acts as a tongue-in-cheek response to the deconstructive method of “butchering”. However, in its quickness to confuse and disturb the message, the narrative forces a new kind of exchange-value where there is otherwise none.